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Breastfeeding Wardrobe on a Budget (Fall 2012 Edition)

I've been wanting to make this post for awhile. Some of you may remember my previous entry on breastfeeding clothing.
Well I did something silly. When I got Pregnant with Sweetness I decided to go through my fall/winter clothing and get rid of every thing. Well ALMOST everything. lol I had a few things I loved too much to get rid of.
This month has been cold! I went to get my nursing clothing and even just fall/winter stuff out and lo and behold I had only a few pieces. Not nearly enough to get through a week let alone a whole winter.
So I did some bargain hunting. And I'm sharing my secrets again with YOU!

Some things hold true that did before. Cross over necklines are still great for easy access. LOW deep V necks are great or easy access, And you can ALWAYS wear a basic long sleeved shirt or sweater that's a bit loose over a nursing tank when you ant to feel "normal".
That said I found some cute stuff and wanted to share and give some ideas!

Hold on to your computers this is an image heavy post!
Many of the tops I have that only require a few "extras" aka the nursing bra and faux cami. (more on that in an upcoming post) Or a nursing cami underneath. 

I've purposefully picked my most obvious bra to show how well this combo works with various tops.
First category Thrifted tops!

Old Navy top purchased for 4.00 at my local thrift store. Right picture shows nursing access. 
2.00 at my local thrift store. "batwing" style top. This I usually wear with a nursing cami as the deep V neckline is a bit low for the faux cami.

4.00 at the thrift store. No pilling or wear to be seen. A nice thin top but long sleeved. I'm not sure the neckline is best for the faux cami but I've only just washed it so will have to try it around the house first. I can always add a few stitches or a snap to the bottom of the neckline to tighten it up a bit. 
I purchased this while preggers and it worked great right after birth for the prenatal belly hiding period. Now it will also work for nursing. 3/4 length sleeve. I usually only button 3 of the 6 buttons as they are tight and a pain to unbotton. less than 5.00.
Cowl neck top Brand ann taylor loft. Lots of room to hide a post pardum tummy. Wore while preggers and the super stretchy cowl neckline made breastfeeding so easy. 

My sister picked this out for me. I honestly am not a plaid person. And I thought I would hate it. But I was desperate after sweetness was born and couldn't go out myself due to staying inside with her for 6 weeks.
So I accepted it graciously. Turns out it is my favorite! It has SNAPS! So easy for nursing.
Not sure how much t cost but I think it was 1/2price. so probably a few dollars. 
This I purposefully purchased a size larger than I needed. It was also 4.00 and has a built in cami. But due to being larger I can simply pull it to the side and nurse through the "armpit" area. 

I think this was an areopostle brand shirt but I apparently removed the tags after giving birth as they itched me. This is one of the few I held on to during my clothing purge. I just love how thin but warm it is. I have worn it so much the middle button is trying to fall off. Need to fix that.  

This may be my favorite. It has this super pretty criss cross action going on and is so lovely! Also 4.00.

Next Category is E-bay purchases. These are shirts specifically made for breastfeeding and feature easy access openings. I have a saved search that emails me any time new breastfeeding shirts are listed. But here's my secret. I scoop up Buy it now's that are less than 10.00 with shipping, or will bid on the last day if the shipping cost plus list price is close to 12.00. So none of these cost very much either. 

Expressiva brand. 10.00 with lift away openings for nursing access. 
I think this is motherwear brand. Also 10.00. Has a double layer so the top striped layer lifts and there are openings in the grey under layer. This is VERY thick so will be great when it gets really cold! 

I have a third and fourth top but I think they are dirty so I can't photograph them. :(
Last are New but discounted or sale items. Some clearance. You really just have to keep your eyes open in a store. Hold the top up and stretch the necklines, pull them back, see if it's easy to nurse in that way. If it won't stretch or move to the side put it back. Unless you plan to wear over a nursing cami. Which is totally fine I just fin it a pain lately. 

Prchased at Ross, 12.00. Super stretchy charcoal grey cowl neck sweater. 
Both from walmart. End of summer clearance. elbow length sleeves, and heavier knit material. 3.00 each. I usually wear a nursing cami with these as the necklines don't like to stay put. 

Old navy clearance. 10.00 VERY sheer. Great for our wacky weather when the day starts out cold and turns into 70's with sunshine. Please forgive the wrinkles. It went right form the drier to the clothing basket. *shame on me*

Drapey cardigan. 15.00 at walmart tight now. I bought a large as I wanted it long! 

Dots brand 22.00. Sweater dress with nursing access. YES! I'm going to remove the little buckle decorations as they will snag in the wash. But I LOVE it! 

Blue top from dots, 19.00 but I got a discount of some sort since they where having a sale.
Skirt is a sari silk "magic" wrap skirt from enwrapture vintage that I got through a co-op. Over a nursing tank. 

Lastly Homemade tops. I wish I had more time to make these. I have so many ideas for other styles but with a toddler it's just hard to find time to make anything detailed. So here's the last one I made: 
I used two "hanes" basic t's from walmart. I think they where around 6.00 each.

As you can see Breastfeeding doesn't have to mean 80.00 shirts and dresses. You can do it with style, modesty, and affordability  I did not buy all this at once and would not recommend doing so when building any wardrobe. Stay in budget or put a few bucks up each week instead of going out to eat. It's really easy to save money.
Besides you want to spend that money on nice nursing bras that will last and give good support! 

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