Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Summer Breastfeeding Wardrobe on a Budget

If you remember my post last year about maternity clothes and how I hate buying them full price becasue they are ridiculously expensive then you probably can guess how I feel about nursing tops.
The only difference is I plan to breastfeed for at LEAST a full year(nearly 6 months next week so far.) and possibly till 2. So That means I need clothes that make it easy and modest.
But It's been hard! I mean To feed a baby you have to attach them litterally to the breast. So You need clothes that are going to prevent clogged ducts by putting pressure on your breasts,(ie. no underwire on bras, no popping the boob over the neckline if it's a v or crew neck, etc)That doesn't show much if any cleave-age, and if possible that I can wear and feed Sweetness in without wearing a cover. (becasue Sweetness thinks it's fun to play with right now)

So I've finally built my summer wardrobe to the point I shouldn't need anything else and I thought I'd share some pointers on what to look for if you are also on a budget and can't get everything at once.

First Make shirts if you can! cutting holes in a simple tank across where the nipple is makes an easy nursing tank, just pair it with a vest, or a jackety thing and you're good to go. No sewing!
Make a few of my nursing shirts: (tutorial here.)
total cost 15.00 walmart. 2 shirts.

Next a staple in the nursing moms wardrobe is the nursing tank. It has clips on the straps that allow the front to pull down for access. I have 5 total. 2 in this color, a grey, black, and purple one. Why so many? Well you can do SO much with them!

Here let me show you. Frst the most common is to pair with a "jackety" top:


Pretend the purple one is over the grey version. And the grey top over the black. ;) I also have a bright blue one that I couldn't find when I took these pictures so wow instantly 4 different looks. Or more if you mix and match.

Next common is the tank under another shirt combo:

I got the white cowl neck top from Old navy this year on clearance for 10.00. I have it in black as well. Very light and breathable so nice for layers. No need to pull it up either. The black lace top is from Ross and was around 10.00 as well. To nurse pull the lace part up and the tank down.

Also there are tops made just for nursing in:

This one you pull the blue part to the side and the brown part the opposite. It's from motherhood maternity but I got it at a childrens consignment sale for 6.00 and it came with brown leggings that match. (and it looks very cute!) 

Then there's the shirts and such that weren't meant to be for breastfeeding but work great! Look for crossover tops or wrap shirts, or low necklines. Cowl necks work well too. Here's an example of one I got at target:

You can see the shirt on the right how it looks on. And on the left how you'd nurse in it. This is called a "slightly fitted wrap tee". Like I said 10.00 at target. I bought 4 different colors:

 I also have solid yellow and light pink. :)
And lastly my dress also from target, not a nursing dress but features a simillar cross over neckline so will work great:

14.00 on clearance.

So in short you don't have to break the bank to make a nursing wardrobe. Just look for things in unconventional places!
I'll post more later!

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