Thursday, October 11, 2012

A crafty post

With a 13.5 month old (who is now walking) I just rarely have time to SIT and craft. lol 
But I am working on crafty things. So I thought I'd share the few things I've been able to finish lately.

My current favorite thing to make Sweetness is Legwarmers. If you are a mom you've probably heard of the brands "babylegs" and "mylittlelegs" and such. Those cute legwarmers cost around 12.00 a pair. I did find a co-op and got some for around 3.00 each but I can make them even cheaper.
Target has knee high socks for about 2.00 a pair. (at least that's how much near me) Cutting and sewing takes maybe 10 minutes total.
They fit better in my opinion than the more expensive option. I say that as they seem longer so they should fit for a longer time frame. They are also thinnner by just a bit so perfect for fall weather with cute little dresses.

The colors change out a few times a year so I can get different socks for different outfits.
Here's a few I've made so far:

 As a new born with regular socks made into legwarmers. 

The top two are target knee highs and the bottom pair came from the dollar store also as knee highs. They seem to be a bit smaller though and I think this is due to the cheaper materials and overhead of dollar store items.

In case you want to make some here't the tutorial I used to make them:

I just got her winter clothing wardrobe made up and I bought a few more pairs to make into more leg warmers. I can't wait to do it! I also have two really cute argyle ones read to be sewn. :) 

Now on to the practical reasons to put legwarmers on your baby. Well they make diaper changes way easier! no need to pull pants down or up. They protect those little sweet knees from carpet burn when crawling. And they can go with most any outfit and are super cute! 

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