Friday, October 12, 2012

Babywearing Tips and Tricks

I'm copying this from my facebook notes since I felt the info is too good to only share with my "friends" and family. :)
I am a crunchier mama and love to wear my little one. I have back issues and felt wearing her would be easier on my spine than carrying around the bucket style carseat. I also see so many mama's having trouble lugging their baby 6 months plus in age and the extra 15lbs of carseat on their own. I felt babies in these seats don't get as much attention either as they are talked about rather than talked to.  There are so many benefits to baby wearing too. 

The upright position is good for babies with reflux. It can help them feel safe and close to mama which is great when external stimuli scares or startles them. And it's just so sweet to feel your little one snuggle up against you and sigh right before they fall asleep. 
It's also so good for their hip and spine development If they are in a carrier that spreads from knee to knee rather than "dangles" from the crotch. (ie Baby Bjorn and snuggly=bad) 

Anywho I have found so many cool resources for babywearing and wanted to put them somewhere where they don't get lost. So the babywearing Tips, Tricks, and Videos Note is written.
“Research supports that people who hug more are happier. When a couple hugs for six seconds or more, mood-boosting/bonding chemicals called oxytocin and serotonin are released at an optimum level.”

“Babies who are hugged more even evidence better physical development and more brain power. “Children who get sustained form of touching, such as a long hug everyday are smarter.” Quote from Jay Gordon, M.D., co-author of “Brighter Baby”.”

Mai tie: 

taking baby out without untying the mai tie:

Putting baby back in without untying mai tie:

My favorite way to put baby in a back carry:


baby wearing in a Mai Tie with a newborn
mai tie using a back carry. Sweetness was about 6-8 months old in this photo. 

Ergo or Soft Structured Carrier (SSC):
 Putting baby on back easier more secure:



ERgo Orginal, Preformance, and Sport review:


Babywearing at a park 
on the trolley
At the zoo..

On the airplane ( the straps meant when she fell asleep I could also sleep and not worry about dropping her.)

At Target! 

For my back the SSC has really been awesome. It gives me support and puts Sweetness's weight on my hips and has padding and security plus lots of ways to adjust it. I highly recommend this style of carrier. 

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