Friday, February 25, 2011

Maternity and Nursing Pattern/Tutorial Round-up

Now that I've told you where you can buy cute patterns, why not some places you can get free ones? Or tutorials with info on converting your old stuff?
Well lucky for you I have been hunting and googling and "yahooing" and searching high and low and have found some!

So Some of these have probably been deleted or moved but for the most part these are all there! 

(No pic)
(No Pic)

(No pic)

(No pic)


(No pic)

 (no pic)

(No pic)

Part 2 coming soon!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby update 2

So I have had 2 appointments, one with my previous care provider and OBGYN and one with my Midwife. I see the midwife again on the 24th.
So far baby is doing well and i'm feeling pretty god right now. I am at 12 weeks and doing well so far. There's conflicting info on if I'm out of the first trimester. Old standards where that I am out of there but new are saying it's not over till the 13.5th week.
So I was dealing with Nausea for awhile but not really sick. I found bannana smoothies helped a lot. I used a whole banana and a small cup of banana yogurt, and tossed in some frozen berries. Typically strawberries.

This helped a LOT. Thankfully I'm doing much better now just have gas, acne, and bad breath. :P Ah the joys of being preggers! lol