Thursday, October 11, 2012

Getting Started with Cloth Diaper's

If you've read my blog you know I cloth diaper 100% of the time.
You might be wondering about cloth diapers, how I made the descision, weather or not they are right for you, worth the effort, and where on earth do you start?
All good questions!

  • Why did you choose cloth?

 I am a thrifty person. I hate spending money on disposable items. I buy clothing, shoes and many other things used or on clearance. Before sweetness was born I even couponed while also shopping sales to get the best deals on groceries.
I do not have an income so I like to save money any way I can.
Secondary to that I did lots of reading on disposable diapers and what I found both scared and shocked me. The chemicals in them are now thought to contribute to the increase in asthma, diaper rashes, uti's, and some studies are showing links to sterility in boys that have been diapered in disposables.

There are lots of Eco friendly diaper options even if you go the disposable route. I've tried a few. Sadly I wasn't impressed. They feel like cheap paper towels, don'tabsorb well enough for our super soaker (less chemicals means less absorbency in sposies it seems) and worst of all, they had so many manufacturing defects I felt the extra cost said not make up for the better for the baby/environment. I had many with missing tabs so they wouldn't close, they ran small too.

So there's my reasons shirt and sweet, better for the pocketbook, better for baby, better for the environment. In order of importance to me.

  • Are cloth diapers right for me?

Well that depends. You might be wondering how hard they are to use, or how to wash them, or what to do in case of a rash. All these things are totally simple. They may require a bit of playing but if you are a stubborn or determined person then it's totally do-able. lol
If you balk at spit up, poop, or general as my hubs puts it "unknown biological substances" that come with having a child, well then no probably not for you. However I find that cloth does help me keep tabs on my munchkins poop, and while that may seem icky, it's the fastest way to know how much they've eaten, if they are eating enough, if they are healthy, teething, sick, etc.
The best way to find out is try! If the kind you have doesn't work for you, sell them, and try something else. :)

  • Are they worth the effort?
YES! 100%! Here's several links with a cost breakdown of cloth diapers VS Disposables:

To break it down, cost of water, and electricity is very minimal, Detergent varies with your washer, water, and routine. Here's an excellent chart for info on which detergents are best for cloth:

I've used Cloth diaper detergents, and used some not for cloth. I switched when the cloth diaper detergent didn't clean well enough. When my free and clear detergent runs out I plan to make my own to save even more money.

Contrary to popular beleive suds and removal of "stains", does not indicate clean. Clean is free of odor, residue, and added whiteners. Suds are created due to an additive called "surfacants". They are there to make you THINK the items you are washing are cleaner. Tricky huh?
So far I have NEVER met a poop stain I can't get out with sunshine. Pure, free, sunshine. Even on a cloudy day the light will clean the diapers! It just takes a bit longer. On a rainy day, setting them in a window with natural light will even work!
The sun is a natural bleach and supposedly the safest and most effective way to kill even YEAST! (next to boiling which is not safe for all diapers)

  • Where do I start? 
Stay tuned for Cloth diapering 102 aka types of cloth diapers. In the meantime here are a few MORE links. lol I know but I found them helpful so perhaps they will help you too!

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