Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Super Easy Ruffle Tutorial

First I have to give credit where it is due this is NOT my idea. I got the idea from the lovely taeliac on deviant art. And had always thought "I'll try that next time."

Well I told hubby it's one of those situations where I kept putting off trying it and now that I've tried it I am kicking myself for not doing so sooner. What was I waiting for?

Anywho the time came for me to try ruffles again. I hate them. They take forever and on a knit which is what I'm using for my current project I swear they are a nightmare. You always hear "oh it's SOOooo easy!" *scoff* Yeah right. You work at them for hours only to find once they are sewn on your thread broke somewhere in the process and half your fabric is no longer ruffled. Or the thread doesn't gather no matter what you do.

Well those problems are now things of the past. Here's what you need:

Set your sewing machine to the biggest 2 step zig-zag it has. A two step zig-zag looks like this: 
See the third row of stitches? That's a 2 step. The second row is a three step and is NOT what you want. Image credit

Now place your fabric under your presserfoot, and lay your crochet thread on top. Leave a tail a few inches sticking off the edge of the fabric. Place the thread right in the center of the presserfoot.

Now simply zig zag over this thread. Do NOT sew through it. Go slowly and carefully and this should be fine. I guide the thread with my thumb as I'm sewing.
When you get to the end leave another tail of a few inches. Your stitches will look like this if you've followed my directions. 
See how the stitches end up on either side of the thread? That's what you want. Ok now insert a pin in one end of the fabric and wind your thread tails around it like so:

Then simply pull the Crochet cotton Thread on the other end and it will ruffle!

Tie your end that the pin was in once you have ruffled your desired amount. Spread your ruffles evenly and tie off the end you pulled to ruffle. Pin and place and sew on!

 Wha la! It actually took me longer to make this tutorial than make a ruffle in real  life. TRY IT! 

Next time I'll hopefully be showing you what I was working on. :) and have a new tutorial for you soon!

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