Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Out and about with cloth diapers

So were on a day trip out of town and using cloth the whole day. I thought what better way to show how easy it is to use cloth while home or out!
I change Sweetness about 6 tines a day now and at night she gets put in a double stuffed diaper for the whole night. (No changing overnight).
So I "packed" 8 diapers with one insert(microfiber)  and 3 with two inserts( one mf and one bamboo). The doubles will be for the car trip as its a three hour ride one way. I took a disposable wipes bin and loaded it up with cloth wipes and ran some water over them ahead of time.
I also packed a giant(think bigger than a pillowcase) wet bag and a small one for the diaper bag.

Before leaving the house I took sweetness to the potty( we practice elimination communication. More about that at another point. ) and she not only peed but pooped in the potty too! Horray one less thing to worry about! Into the double stuffed diaper and away we went.

Here she is on the ride home:
the white with blue stars is one of her cloth double stuffed diapers. :)
We had no issues with the cloth at all. No leaks and even went swimming later in the day and changed out of cloth(mama forgot the swim diaper. *facepalm*) and back into it and it worked out great. Would highly recommend using cloth on a day trip. A little extra work to prep ahead of time but well worth not having to use sposies.

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