Saturday, July 28, 2012

What is this Elimination Communication You Speak Of?

So if you've been following my blog for awhile now you know we practice something called EC or elimination communication.
You may be wondering what is it? how I do it? what exactly the point is? etc.

EC is NOT early potty training. It is a method of learning to read your child's biological need to pee or poop. It's a communication enhancer. Die Hard EC'ers start from childbirth by leaving their baby diaper free to learn what body language or "signals" their child uses to express their need to eliminate.
They will use a little potty, the sink, tub, bowl, or even sit backwards on a adult potty and hold the baby over the designated spot, and give the baby a sound or word or sign (or all 3) as they go.
The point here is to teach the baby to associate that word/sign/sound with elimination.

Many EC'ers use diapers as a backup when they feel they understand their baby's ques. And while out and about.

EC isn't an all or nothing process. You can ec all the time, part time, or like me some of the time.
The point is different for each parent. For me my goal is less poopy diapers and more poop in the potty. (less laundry is a great thing isn't it?) For some it's about learning their child's ques and increasing communication. For others it's just another fun thing to do with their baby/child.
You can start at birth, or even later. (we started at about 7-ish months)

While some baby's will potty train early as a result of EC it's really meant more to help the child learn about their body, how to relax and go, where it's safe to go, and be fun!
Sweetness at nearly 11 months old is not afraid of the potty like some older children are. She waves "bye bye" to the water as it swirls down the drain, the grins like crazy when she "potty's like a big girl!" and sometimes "dances" when she can do so quickly.
She's just started asking to go to the potty now and we can "catch" between 2-6 pees and sometimes a poop or two each day if I work at it. If I don't then no big deal. I hope it will help her potty train early but if it doesn't like I said less laundry is ALWAYS a good thing! ;)

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