Monday, July 23, 2012

Common Sense Parenting (or how not to be a sheep)

There are MANY different parenting styles, and many different views on how to use each one properly. Thoughts on why each one is TERRIBLE for your child, and thoughts on why they re the BEST for your child. 

I cannot tell you what will work for your baby/toddler/preteen/teen but I can tell you what works for me. What my thoughts are, why I parent the way I do and what I choose to use to discipline and why.
My instincts are for my Kids and mine alone. Your are for your child. So use common sense. If you don't think a method will work for your child, or family, then chances are it won't.
Bring your brain to the equation, pick what will work, toss out the rest. My feelings won't be hurt if you disagree with me. We all have to do our best to be the BEST parents for OUR kids. 


I've been asked by friend who are pregnant, or have just had a baby what I did "when XYZ happened" with my child. I've been long thinking of writing a summary of my parenting process and why I choose the methods I do.
My biggest struggle was I didn't have a "label" for my style. I don't quite ascribe the the C.I.O.(Cry It Out) babywise camp 100%, nor do I agree with attachment parenting 100%. I like to walk a fine line between them and throw in a large dash of common sense.

So I'm labeling it "Common Sense Parenting".
CSP can apply to any parenting style or method you choose as you have to mold it individually to each child you have. It grows and evolves, you tweak it when it doesn't QUITE work the way you want. You discard logic and go with what works for you. You do research to back up your thoughts. And if like me you are religious then your biggest tool in research is the Bible.

I will be writing a series of posts on specific situations we've(my hubs and I) dealt with as parents and how we've handled them. Hopefully our insight will help others and can give you something to think about.

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