Monday, July 30, 2012

Plane Travel with a Lap Riding Toddler/Baby

We are planning for a 4 week trip to CA sooner than I'd like to leave. As a result this will mean 2 seperate 6 hour plane rides (one to get there and one to get back) with a lap riding baby that can be really hard.

We struggled on the ride back last time so I needed some plans to make the ride fun for her. I did lots of reading and thinking about the trip that went well to figure out what to pack in the diaper bag.
I thought I'd post a blog about it.
Most parents ask what toys to bring. The answer is not many. Littles are more fascinated with things that AREN'T toys. So I went to the dollar store and walmart and found the following items that should pack well not take up too much room and be hits with my munchkin:

  • Sunglasses x2
  • Folding hair brush
  • Soft toy ball
  • Compact mirror
  • pocket digital calculator
  • 2 pk small slinkies
  • a few new board books and probably 3 old favorites
  • silky scarf
I am planning to make and order a few finger puppets as well as I thought that would be fun. Have some puppets to go with her favorite books and songs to make them more interesting. I bought about 7 sheets of craft felt to supplement my stash of felt scraps and plan to handsew or hotglue the puppets for the next few days.

I'm considering making her a felt quiet book but she may be too small for that so we'll see.

I will also be packing the essentials:
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • changing pad
  • Wetbag/disposable bags
  • change of clothes for Sweetness x2
  • some form of baby carrier(probably a mai tie since it fits in the diaper bag so well)
  • soft sole shoes
  • sippy cup
  • hand sanitizer
  • teething meds (we use homeopathics so easily portable)
  • Ibprophen(just in case)
  • gripe water
  • paci
  • her giraffe lionel(he's a sound machine and a must to take ANYWHERE)
  • a few know non noisy toys
  • teething razberry
  • paci straps (I make mine but this gives an idea of what they look like)
  • burp rags
  • paci wipes
  • sanitizing wipes
  • something to keep me occupied if she sleeps
  • granola bars for hubs and me
  • we'll purchase water at the airport
  • yogurt drops
  • veggie straws
(that's as far as I've gotten on that so far)
We purchased a backpack with GOBS of pockets (this is similar to the one I picked. However ours has a few more pockets on the front and inside)  to use for our diaper bag. It's so awesome I can't wait to get it packed and use it. :)

Most of the things I bought where cheap and under 3.00. I went to the thrift store, walmart and dollar tree. I'll be ordering the extra puppets from amazon. So excited for our trip! 

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