Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Plane Ride pt 1

So as many of you read in my last post I recently underwent a plane ride with my DD (who will be 1 tomorrow how the time flies) and had purchased an odd number of items to entertain her on the trip.

Well I thought I'd report back on how they went over!

First our flight was split into 2. One 2 hour and one 4 hour. We BOTH slept through all but 30 minutes of the first flight. By the time she woke up, nursed and looked out the window it was time to get off the plane.

Our second flight felt longer than our previous flight of 6 hours when she was 8 months old. She and I slept for about 2 and a half hours. I was so glad to have the baby carrier because I used it to keep her in place on my chest without fear of dropping her.
I also was much happier with a window seat than an isle. I laid my head against the side of the plane to sleep.

The second flight was much hotter than the first so Poor Sweetness was sticky and sweaty when she woke up. Which makes her impatient and grumpy. She also had a poopy diaper.
We had to wait what seemed like ages for a turn in the tiny bathroom. But Changing her diaper wasn't a big deal. The bathroom at the front of the plane had a changing "table" that folded down over the seat.
The last bit of the flight was tough. She wanted down on the floor to play and couldn't understand why she couldn't have that. The flight was crowded so if I wanted something from the diaper backpack I had to step over hubby, and the person next to us to get it out of the overhead compartment.
I found what entertained best for this flight was her books (we choose moo ba la la la, and two from flying frogs "one baby" series), a plastic water bottle, and the window shade. She flipped through the various magazines selling overpriced junk in the back of the seat as well.

My goal was to not have to pull out our entertainment bags till our return flight and we met it!

That said the magna-doodle has been a great car seat entertainment tool. ;)

I'll update on our return flight when the time comes! 

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