Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A day in the life of BopBop and Sweetness

There's been a challenge going around my mothering.com ddc on facebook where you do a "photo diary" for one day. I decided to do this yesterday to show what a typical weekday for me and the bebe is like.

So Starting at 8:45-ish We woke up. Sweetness nursed by then and my room is too dark to show that so we took a picture after.
 Happy baby with a full tummy.
 by now it's 9:35-ish.
 out of bed and get the baby dressed. back to the room to get myself dressed.
 Norrie play's learning games on the bed while I get dressed.

 Dressed but my hair is a wreck.
 Leggings, and a black sweater.
Hair fixed.
 Check on Sweetness. She's still playing and being silly.

Added a skirt and boots to the outfit. 
Time to head to the chiropractor. But first...
 The dogs need breakfast. I forgot something in the bedroom...
 AHHH! Running late!
Grabbed my keys, 
 Bye Puppies!
Sweetness is buckled and ready to go.
Our house. :) 

Arrival at the chiropractor.
 Chiropractor's office. :)
 Done with our adjustment. Now to walmart. 
At walmart about 10 minutes later.

Best parking space EVER! 
Eating our horribly unhealthy burger king breakfast. Egg and cheese crissont FTW.

 Leaving walmart about an hour later.
(btw this sign tells you to check your car for un-attended children you might have left behind.)
Get home and Chad has caught a bird. Gross. 
Inside. The pups are happy to see us! 
She asked for a drink. 
Reading a book.
Checking on the dogs. 
Wearing a slinky for a belt. 
 We need a snack.
 Still obsessed with her "belp".
 Snacktime. Pretzels and crackers and tuna.
 Stealing some of my tuna.
 Time to get ready for a nap.
 Nursing. Her foot is on my cheek. Gymnurstics is typical for a toddler. Then put her down with her blankie and kitty. Can't take a photo or it will disrupt the cycle.
 Fed the tree frog.
Check on the dogs. 
 Set a timer to do some housework.
 I've been spotted. So I let them in to keep them quiet.
 Silverware put away. What are those short forks called? I aparently need to buy more.
 A much cleaner sink.
 Time to do something else.

Like tidy the livingroom. and have a snack.

Catch up on facebook then to take a nap.

  Wake up. Baby's awake.

Give her a potty break. 
Waiting for me to open the door. 
 Baby's laundry.
 In the wash.
 Needed another drink.
 Time to deal with the laundry somemore. (always!)
 Take diapers out of the drier.
 I broke to fingernails. :(
 Time for a light lunch.
 Oatmeal! YUM!
 Cheese and Goldfish.
 Blessing our food.
 She requested more "new gah" AKA Tuna.
 Coloring while we snack.
 Had to strip her clothes. We had an accident.
 Potty break again then getting ready to go.

Time after a clothing change for the munchkin.
making a cup of coffee for the road.
 Need to leave for Nana's.
 Mama and Bebe!
 Bathroom mirror shot.
 Grabbing stuff to take with us. Gloves for my little sis Sgirl.
 She thinks the neighbors camper is an ambulance. lol

 Bye puppies!
 Leaving the house.
 Time after buckling Sweetness in the carseat.
 55 degree's outside. Not to bad. :) (that's my tire pressure light nothing to worry about it comes on when the temp fluctuates. I just need to add a tiny bit of air to them.)
We're at Nana's!
 Nana's house.

 My little siblings thought thy found a dinosaur bone.
 Sweetness is very excited to get out to play.

 Waving form the porch. We had to borrow a coat from Nana since I left her's at church Sunday.
 Sgirl playing in the yard.
 Playing in the yard at Nana's.

Pepper got to ride too.

 Let's go Pepper!
Digging in the yard. with Aunt and Uncle.

 Inside with Jman.
 Playing with the tablet again.
 Getting dinner ready.
Sitting down to eat. 
 Eating Taco insides. YUM!
 Heading home.
 In Pj's and a night Diaper.

 Starting our bedtime routine. Nursing, rocking with a paci, and singing. Then night night.
 Goodnight baby.
Out of sweetness's Room.
I uploaded pictures, and read on facebook for about an hour. Then went to bed at 10: 45 ish.
Watched Start Trek in bed then went to sleep after 11.
That was our day!


  1. I think your living room has become a toy room! And the short forks are salad forks, although I always think of them as forks for females, and the bigger forks are for the menfolk, because they eat more and have larger appetites. ;-)

    1. Brenda- salad forks! I use them all the time and hate the longer handles of the bigger forks! John uses those though so your thoughts and mine are in alignment.
      Yes my whole house is a toy room. We're working on teaching Sweetness to pick up after herself and moving the toys to her room for play. But we live in our living room so it's where most of the toys are. :-)