Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby to english dictonary part 1

I thought it would be fun to keep track of some of the words sweetness uses regularly and then compare them to our next children. It will be interesting to see which are the same and which are different.
Muck- Cup
Peda- Pretzel
Bugga- Robin
Bir- Bird
Noogles- Noodles
Dink- Drink
Shhh- Fish
Gork- Fork
Nite- Knife
Boo- Spoon
Ooh ooh- Monkey
Baby- baby/doll/or stuffed toy/baby games on the tablet
Map- Nap
Ah nok- Phoenix (our neighbors dog)
Dug ah- Tigger or tiger
Tar- Car<p
Peek A- peek a boo
Doke- Coat
Dak A- Jacket
Ah dee- Office
Ame- Ambulance
Dis- This
Hee go- Here You Go/ Thank You/ Your Welcome
Mak- Lap
Dik- Disc
Oh dee- Oh Dear
Goo gur- Good Girl
Gurl- Squirrel
Boo gah- School Bus

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