Monday, March 25, 2013

Cloth Diaper Must Haves

I've been thinking a lot about a post that might help my readers lately. Due to lots of traveling I have had diapers on my mind.
I've been using cloth exclusively for a little over a year now and part time for a few months longer than that(that was before the allergy to disposables became clear).
So I've played with many types and kinds of diapers and accessories. And there are some that I keep reaching for and some I don't. So I thought I'd recommend some Diapering Items to help round out or start a stash.

1.) Flats
These don't seem like a great option as you have to fold them. But they are super versatile! They make a great burp rag, tie on bib, and tablecloth. Also for travel these are the most compact option. There is a bit of a learning curve but they are totally worth it.
Also super cheap. I love the target brand Flour Sack Towels as they work great as flats! And they are available EVERYWHERE.
I recommend at least 10 in anyone's stash.

2.)  Prefolds
These are awesome to keep on hand for burp rags, diapers, backups on wash day, or if you use mostly pockets, an extra insert here and there. They are SUPER absorbent, and easy to wash and dry. You can bleach them after yeast infections, sun to remove stains, and they are basically the most versatile diaper out there.
Paired with an extra absorbent insert these do FABULOUS over night for super pee'rs.
I recommend at least 5 Toddler size in a stash, and if you have super pee'rs as many as you have pockets in Infant size to use as inserts.

 3.) Covers with a Front Inner Flap
Think bummi's or flip diapers but I prefer Work at home mom made covers honestly. They come in just as many cute prints. One size, and sized options. And are very affordable.
I recommend at least 5 of these in any stash.

4.) Stay Dry Liners
You can buy these or they are super easy to make. Buy a yard of Microfleece at the fabric store. But into strips about 4 inches wide and at least 8 inches long. 9 or 10 is better. No sewing required as it doesn't unravel. lay these between baby and the flats or prefolds and they will stay dry overnight.
These are also great if you need to use a non cloth safe cream or your baby is having tummy issues as they rinse REALLY well if they get poopy.
I recommend one yard of fabric cut into as many strips as you can get from it.

5.) A Spray Bottle
I don't use a wipe warmer. Babies have been used to room temp wipes since forever. If necessary I use warm water on a cloth. But usually I use a spray bottle that I keep in her room that has mostly water in it. And a few essential oils to keep her smelling fresh and bacteria or fungas at bay.

6.) Lavender and Tea Tree Essential oils
I put 3 drops of lavender in my spray bottle when I fill it. Tea Tree is a natural anti-fungal and I use it in the wash occasionally. Usually after we've been sick to kill germs and fungus.
And they both smell nice.
One Bottle of Each on hand at all times is a good idea.

7.) Vinegar
Works great in a spray bottle to keep smelly diapers in need of wash less smelly. Works great in the wash for softening, and for keeping stink at bay. You can clean with it and not worry about baby drinking it as it's not harmful if ingested. It works to get rid of vomit smell in place of febreez, and even pet odors to an extent.
If you have hard water this can make mineral buildup worse so use with caution. If not though it's awesome!
A large bottle. Keep this on hand at all times.

8.) Downy Ball

Most grocery stores have these in the laundry detergent isle. Check the little hanging displays or on the top or bottom shelves. You can also order them from amazon but they are cheaper in the store.
I use these to dispense vinegar. Reason being vinegar works best in the last rinse cycle and the ball dispenses in that cycle.
I recommend one in your washing supplies.

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