Monday, June 25, 2012

How I Wash My Diapers

So I've gotten lots of questions about this from various friends and family and thought I'd share a little post on how I wash my cloth diapers. 

So lets start with changing the baby. Uh ooh! It's a poopy diaper. Mommy's EC senses must have missed those ques! So what happens next? I change the baby to a clean diaper toss the wipes(cloth) into the diaper "pail" (a trashcan with a lid and fleece liner) and then take the baby to her safe play area.
Then I take the dirty diaper to the bathroom. I have a diaper sprayer hooked to my toilet that my wonderful hubby installed. I call it my "ninja diaper tool".
 The thing is awesome and will get off pretty much any icky poop. Since I forgot to take pictures of this process we'll pretend the diaper in the photo is poopy ok?
 I take the sprayer out of it's little holder and spray the diaper, Then it goes into my dirty pail in the bathroom. For really smelly ones I spray with a bit of vinegar and they will not smell. (I keep this pail in my tub which is right next to the toilet and no one has ever smelled it unless I forgot to spray the diaper with vinegar.)
So now let's say it's laundry day. I remove my fleece liner from my wet (not poopy) diaper pail in Sweetness's Room, and I tote it and the smaller pail of dirty diapers to the laundry area. (which happens to be in my kitchen.) 
I dump everything in the washer and try to get it distributed evenly. I have an old fashioned top loader and I love it. I hope we never have to replace it. Might even take it with us when we move out of our house one day. So MUCH easier for cloth diaper washing. 

(this load is technically been washed but once again let's pretend it's been just tossed in.) I set my washer to warm wash, cold rinse . And a large load as when dry the washer was full. (usually I wash less at once and do a medium size load. Contrary to popular belief washing on Hot does not kill germs as it is not hot enough for a long enough time period. But I'll get to that later. Also Hot can delaminate the waterproof layer on your diapers or covers over time. (if your water is hot enough to kill germs) and Can ruin your velcro or applix eventually too.
I add this much detergent:
See where my thumb is? That's all the more I use. For info on good cloth diaper detergents Check out this site:
I use Publix brand free and clear. And only use it for diapers. I bought the BIG container of it with the little spout and haven't bought more in probably 6-ish months. I originally used Rockin' Green and found it caused me to need to strip my diapers every month. I found this ridiculous. I will say the stuff works great for soaking stubborn stains but for regular use. Not for us. 
Wash through the whole cycle. Then I set my washer to cold wash/rinse, large load and start the wash cycle over again with NO soap. Just to make sure all the soap is rinsed out of the fabrics good. 

I also use a downy ball and fill it with vinegar. I do this for my first cycle of washing with soap and it works great. Vinegar has natural disinfecting agents in it and removes stink like nothing I've ever used before. 
Now the fun part! lol I open the washer  and remove the inserts and they go into the dryer:

I stack my covers on the dryer as I go. Occasionally I get one that the insert didn't agitate out of. (the one in the photo was double stuffed for night time and I forgot to take the inserts out. they rarely agitate out on their own) 

I also try to make sure not to toss my smaller wetbags in the dryer. I have the 10.00 munchkin wetbags from target and they are not dryer safe. So here's my stack to hang up:
I have a wooden collapsible drying rack that I use outside on sunny days and inside over the air vent on rainy or "questionable" days. Today it looks like it could rain so they are inside. They will dry overnight. I have enough diapers that this does not put me in a tough spot if I wash about every 3 days. Much longer than that I would have to toss a few covers in the dryer. I do this every so often but over time it can cause wear from the heat and the snaps can crack.
I prefer the sun to inside as the sun is a natural stain remover and germ killer. Also I dry my diapers with the white side up as I found they dry so much faster this way. When the cute side is up the PUL lined inner is facing down and holds moisture still as it can't evaporate out as easy. 

That's all I do! Next day I stuff the inserts back in the diapers and put them away. Easy peasy. I guess for some it seems complicated and you might wonder "how do you have the time with a baby?" Or "will you still do this with multiple children". As to the time question, you find time to wash your clothes, and towels and baby's clothes. An extra load of laundry isn't that big a deal. It took me 4-6x's as long to write this post and take the photo's than it did to do the laundry. What takes the longest is the drying and wash time.
Once I got into a routine with it it is not a big deal at all. I wash diapers on Saturday and Wednesday usually. But we had a weekend trip this week so I washed a few extra times to make sure we had enough. :) When we have multiple children I will definitely do this. We RARELY use sposies as a result of cloth diapering. Only while traveling for longer than a day or two as I haven't figured that out yet. But trust me if I do I will be using cloth all the time! I've only bought 1 package of each size of diapers since he baby has been born for this reason. And the best part? When I am done with babies, I can resell my diapers and make some of the cost back(how much depends on wear and stains). 

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