Monday, May 14, 2012

Keurig Refill Experiments

I was given a keurig Mini for my birthday this year by my in laws. It was a joint gift and I love it! However what I don't love is the lack of decaff coffee options, and the pricetag on the coffee. 
 I love the idea of refill-able filters for it but had heard and seen horrible reviews for them. I also loved the idea of refilling my old plastic K-cups. I saw some tips on pinterest on doing this and decided to experiment. 

First I started with refilling the old K-cups. I removed the foil top, dumped out the coffee and rinsed thoroughly. Then I let them dry overnight. The next day I added my own coffee to the dry k-cups. I filled to about 1/4 of an inch from the top of the kcup. Then I sealed the top with Glad brand Press n' Seal.

 This was my first one and I didn't seal the edges very well. I cut the press n seal to short on one side. This resulted in a few grounds in my coffee. But not even 1/2 a tsp worth. My old coffee pot was worse than that. 
BUT! I knew I could do better. So the next one I want more careful and it looks like this:

I smoothed the plastic out before I used them. Here's what they looked like used:

One on the right was the one that leaked grounds. The one on the left didn't leak anything. Worked perfectly.

However I found one of those refillable filters for 12.00 at Publix and really wanted to try it. I'd heard the same thing about them getting grounds in your coffee and producing a weak cup. Well I figured it couldn't get any worse. So I splurged and honestly it took some tweeking but I got a decent cup of coffee and no grounds in my coffee. :)

I didn't rinse the lid when I took it out. :P Anywho, It has these 3 parts. You are supposed to put a filter just inside the dark peice and then screw the cap on. Well First time around I got strong coffee with a LOT of grounds. But I rechecked my directions and I came up with a plan.
First I put a filter inside the tan piece:

then snapped the dark piece inside like it is supposed to go and added a filter in there too.  
NExt The directions indicated that one should make sure the edges get laid flat on the plastic edge. I think this is so once you add the grounds, the lid can hold it in place and prevent the grounds from getting in the coffee. So I did that:

And Wha-La! My yummy cup of mostly cream cause that's how I like it coffee with no grounds in it!

I have a new way to enjoy all my yummy decaff coffee and can still use my keurig with the little K cups if I want to.

Hope this info helps someone else! 

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