Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Musing about my Hubby

I like to think I have the best, most wonderful man in the world at my side. Most days I'm sure of it. When I read about other hubby's who don't show thier wives love, respect, or treat them like dirt, it makes me sad and I want to tell them they deserve more. To demand more. To make them want more.
But I can't change the world's menfolk. Some are just not bright, some are jerks, some are rude, some are obstinate, some are not funny.

Thankfully my man in none of those. My hubs was supportive of  me from the begining. Through our dating, our early marriage, my many interests,(some of which he finds icky), and even now with our child.
He Does funny things like this:
I can't find the other photo's right now. But It always makes me smile when he adds things to my lists, or turns them into strange recipes. 

Or tells me he loves me in a note:
 Which he wrote on my small dry erase board the week Norrie was born.

Yeah my hubs is awesome like that.

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