Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And so it begins (Night weaning pt 1)

We are beginning the process of night weaning. I've done so much reading and discussing with The Hubs, with other moms, with the internet. There are so MANY ways to do it. We plan to eliminate one feed each month till she's a year old. I feel like this will give her the oppertune amount of time to adjust and get used to it. And still give her the needed nourishment at night till solids become more important. 

So Goals for now. Nurse right before Sweetness's bed time (7:30-ish), Wake the baby to feed her again before we go to bed (usually around 10pm) to basically "tank her up". 
Then wake her just enough to nurse before she becomes fully awake herself. So I'm getting her "up" to nurse at 10, 1am, and 4am. 
She wakes on habit at around 8-8:30, so The Hubs goes in and soothes her till she figures out "OH my tummy is full, I can go back to sleep.". This takes about 15 minutes at most, Yesterday was day two an it took about 5. 
After a few days we'll see if she can resettle herself. If she gets worked up or whatnot, The Hubs will go in to resettle.

We'll do this process for a few days. Then we'll begin slowly backing up the first feed to eliminate (4 am) closer to the feed before it. Hopefully by doing this slowly she will adjust and won't wake to nurse. (though she will probably still wake a bit and resettle as she does this on her own a few times a night. Usually I hear her cry out once and before I can get my whits about me and out from under the covers she's back to sleep.
I'm thinking backing it slowly by 10-15 minute increments. Hopefully this can be done with no crying or tears and will be gentle for Sweetness.

To sum up here's what our nights will look like for a bit in short:
7:00-ish: Nurse, bedtime routine
7:30-ish: To bed
8:00-ish: Habit waking, Hubs goes in and soothes back to sleep
10:00-ish Wake just enough to nurse
1:00am: Wake just enough to nurse
4:00am: Wake just enough to nurse
7:00am: Wake up for the day.
We're basically using the "wake to sleep" method, where by waking the baby up just a little to nurse she'll be back asleep by the time her natural sleep cycle is telling her to wake to eat. I think I saw this as an option in HSHHC but not sure?

I will still continue to nurse throughout the day and just before bed as needed till she's two. (at least)Just wanted to share my plan of action somewhere as I feel like it will work well for us. And might work for others too. I'll continue to update as we progress but we will be going slow so won't be much to tell for awhile. :)

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