Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mommy tips and Opinions Pt. 1

So I've been a mom now for 6 months. That is half a year which blows my mind! There's been a few things I've learned about random baby stuff. It's not critical, others may have other opinions but I thought I'd share my wisdom.

1.) Don't rush your baby to grow up. 
I find myself saying "I can't wait till Sweetness does xyz." What I don't realize is by her growing to do xyz, she grows out if something else. The moment's you have now are precious and fleeting don't rush them.

2.) Baby shirts or onsies are better with a "lapped" neckline. 

Not snaps, and definitely not buttons. They're easier to put on and fit longer.

3.) Bibs are better with snaps not Velcro.

the Velcro seems easier and it's cheaper, which normally Id be all over. BUT, when washed that Velcro ALWAYS comes undone and snags on the precious handmade baby blanket that Nana made, or the ONLY pair of tights that fit right. Trust me snaps are better.

4.) You don't need everything. 

There is SO much baby junk out there. the brands will tell you you need the bounce seat, the swing, the bumbo chair, the exersaucer, jumparoo, johnny jumper, baby gym, etc. but you don't.
Get a good baby carrier, a fun mobile for the crib or pack,n play. or if you co-sleep, make sure to have a ceiling fan(babies are fascinated by them I don't know why). Sweetness outgrew her swing fast, and once they can sit up or weigh about 20lbs they're usually unsafe. the bumbo is ok, but the high chair is better since the tray came with it, and you can strap the baby into it. (plus when clean put toys on the tray)
There are so many things like this. go for items that can grow with the baby, and don't be too focused on gender unless you only want one child. (this way you aren't selling all the pink to buy blue or green later)
Except for the boppy covers. buy those in a print that makes you happy. that thing is a life saver! lol

5.) Don't make banana's the very first solid food. 
The resulting poops after are so nasty. start with squash(it's not smelly), then pear or sweet potato( a little smellier but tolerable), then do banana. If you choose to ignore this I consider you a brave soul in the mommy realm.

I'm sure I'll have more later so consider this part 1!

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