Saturday, January 1, 2011

exciting news and updates to the blog

So I had something really exciting happen to me the week of the 16th. We found out we are pregnant! I'm very excited as is the hubby. This will be our first. I had to wait to post about it though as I have family that reads my blog and I didn't want to spoil the surprise.
we told them on Christmas day and the day after(2 separate families and get togethers) And everyone was surprised and thrilled for us.

as a result I've been learning all kinds of things about dealing with morning sickness, and heartburn, (both of which I'm experiencing a lot). And the hubby encouraged me to start blogging about it. Since I've been wanting to add more family stuff to my blog this seems like a good idea.
So I'll be updating on my progress in the pregnancy and new tricks I've tried to get rid of the ick feeling.
We have our first Doctors appointment on the 4th and are meeting with our possible midwife/doula on the 6th. We are probably going to use a birthing center rather than a hospital for many many reasons. And I'll be sharing those thoughts and plans with you all as well.
I have offically quit my job and will no longer be working and hope to spend the time stocking up my etsy store and preparing the babies room. Which means some major house cleaning. I will be combining the hubby's office with my craft room. SCARY! And that means downsizing as well. I will be packing and getting rid of things and just generally all that prep work that happens when one has a child. So excited!
Next post soon!

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