Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby update 2

So I have had 2 appointments, one with my previous care provider and OBGYN and one with my Midwife. I see the midwife again on the 24th.
So far baby is doing well and i'm feeling pretty god right now. I am at 12 weeks and doing well so far. There's conflicting info on if I'm out of the first trimester. Old standards where that I am out of there but new are saying it's not over till the 13.5th week.
So I was dealing with Nausea for awhile but not really sick. I found bannana smoothies helped a lot. I used a whole banana and a small cup of banana yogurt, and tossed in some frozen berries. Typically strawberries.

This helped a LOT. Thankfully I'm doing much better now just have gas, acne, and bad breath. :P Ah the joys of being preggers! lol

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