Friday, May 19, 2017

Favorite Toys for our 2 year old daughter

I wrote this post over 4 years ago but apparently never published it. So here it is! Late like I always am in Real Life...

As Sweetness just turned 2 It's time for me to make another Blog post about our favorite toys/non toys. Sweetness is really enjoying Playing pretend a lot, and is potty training as well. Both of which make toys and books so much more fun and interesting than before.  So Without further ado...

Favorite Toys:

1.) Shopping cart- We have the metal Mellisa and Doug one and it gets played with daily. Her stuffed toys, babies, and random objects go for rides and get pushed around. When my little Sibs are over they love to make a "train" between the cart and the next toy and run laps around the kitchen table. If she could convince the cat I'm sure Ju-Ju would get pushed around too! lol 

2.) Stroller- Sweetness got an inexpensive doll stroller for christmas from her Grammy. I've made a new sling seat for it becasue she liked to sit in it and scoot it around and as such she wore it out. It also get's played with almost every day. And also get's pretty much everything to ride in it.

3.) The cat's teaser toy- We have one with a wire string and a furry "mouse" on the end of a wand. It was purchased at Petsmart and Her favorite thing is to daily run up and down the hallway with it and the cat following.

4.) Balls- small, big, soft, squishy, or bouncy. It doesn't matter. She loves them.

5.) Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement Playset- This was another Christmas gift and she loves it! I hate picking it up so the new rule is she has to clean it up before we get something else out. It's made from recycled plastic and is very easy to build and take apart since the piece just nest. Great for building flower towers then knocking down. 

6.) Lionel- Well he's actually the Cloud B Gentle Giraffe sound machine thing in travel size, but we call him Lionel. He's traveled with us to New york, NC, California, Georgia and all kinds of other random playdates and such. He is awesome. Getting a little matted and I have had to repair a hole in the neck once all ready. but we love him and need him every.single.night.

7.) Cloub B Turtle- She's just recently liked this. But it also must be on every.night.

8.) Pepper- She got Pepper For christmas. Our kitty who looked very much like her ran away and that kitty was also named pepper and Sweetness's buddy. I think that may have had something to do with the attachment. But nonetheless, I bought a second since pepper got carted around so much I was afraid she would get lost. Now we have Pepper and "Other Pepper".

9.) Baby doll- Doesn't matter what kind. She has 3. all different kinds. They all get mothered, carried around, taken to the potty, put to bed, and fed.

10.) A Phone/like object- Can be a toy or real if she can swipe it. Also random objects that are shaped like phones. Calculators, t.v. remotes, etc.

11.) Bead Maze- This is mostly used while sitting on the potty but she does that daily so it counts.

I've also included our few favorite books at the moment.

1.) Curious George and the Puppies- Got this a khols along with a stuffed George and I've read it at least twice a day.
But not the hippopatomus
Potty training books

Baby Signing Time
It's Potty Time

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