Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maternity Musings

So I've now been pregnant for 17 weeks and have started looking and purchasing maternity clothing. For someone who has been reconing clothing I've been cringing at the concept of purchasing new. So I've built most of my wardrobe so far from thrift-ed or clearance items. I've not paid more than 12.00 so far for any tops. But I really think it would be fun to make some of my own. I'm sort of picky on how wide the straps on my tops are (must hide the bra straps.) and I want them long. I like my shirts to cover the top of my pants pockets already.
So making my own clothing is looking more and more appealing. Add to that all the pans for maternity don't tend to have pockets. For example I have several knit pants but the 2 with pockets look like p.j. bottoms. So I need pockets!
So I started the hunt first for free patterns. Well those I think I found 6 tops, 6 pants, and 6 misc things like belly bands and such. I am going to be wearing a lot of skirts probably since I'll be preggers till august and it is very humid here in summer. So skirts I must have and can make no problem. But tops I need some more of!
So I started searching etsy.

First thing I notice about vintage patterns. They are a-line tents that flare from directly under the arms down. Button down the front and have sleeves case in point:
how is this flattering? What woman's body pregnant or otherwise is shaped like an A? Would you buy a piece of clothing shaped like that off the rack? If not why make it?

Next we have the horrendous Extra plus sized clothing:

These are the things that where basically made BIGGER rather than made to actually fit. Typically up-sized originally from a juniors cut or such. I do not know many plus sized woman shaped right to pull of something like that so why a pregnant one?
On top of that women have curves. We like to show off our best ones. Why wear a box?

The next offender is the bow:
A bow in the right place might be a cute femine touch. This is not one. Arguably this is not the worst offender. But still not good. How does it stay closed over the belly if there are only 3 buttons at the top? And if that is a seam down the front and not a flap why? Who wants a seam down the front of their dress/shirt? The only redeaming quality in this pattern is the cute puffy sleeves.

Now I want to know what woman who is all ready pregnant and has a huge belly wants to make her hips look huge as well? Would you wear view C while pregnant:
Not to mention the horrid matchy matchy pants? Sure I'd like to look like a summer squash in the summer!

Now we have the worst offender before I get to the halfway decent ones. I give you "maternity underear":
Now first, it may be a simply poor diagram but do those not look like ruffles across the front? What woman who is already pregnant and twice her size would want to put on ruffle front panties, under the tend dress, and become 4 times her size? What woman who is not pregnant would want her belly to stick out more than her rear?
I say no one. But hey what do I know?

Now these aren't so bad:
At least there are darts on the front of this dress so it will flow nicely over the belly rather than tent out.

This one isn't terrible but once again nothing really special about it:
They still are slightly tent like but the sleeve shape is interesting.

Last I give you the worst nursing top of all time:
Why oh why would you want to appear like you've layered a crop top on a t shirt? Or chopped the top of a perfectly good shirt off and sewn it on top of a regular shirt? I'd say the only one here that would fool someone is the vest option since that's at least sort of inconspicuous.

I will say there are some gems out there and once I've compiled more than 3 I will make a post with them as well. :) I hope the etsy shops these are listed in do not take offense as I've linked them in case someone stumbling on my post decides they simply must have the pattern and wants to purchase it. And please know I am not critisizing any shop owner for having these patterns but the designer of the patterns for not thinking outside the box in their designing.

Us preggo's want to look cute too! And we like things like ruffles, and layers, and flowers, cute prints, sheers, ties, and buttons. Just not used in these ways!

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