Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maternity Musings 2

So now that Ive blasted all the bad, non cute, maternity patterns I thought Id share some of the ones that are cute with you all. Now  these aren't perfect. So I've also included some non maternity patterns that could easily work for maternity clothing with very little tweaking.[0]=tags&ga_search_query=maternity+sewing+patterns

This sundress is pretty cute. Plenty high enough to make the bump look cute. and the bust looks fitted enough to be comfy. Maybe with the right bra pads in it you could even go without a bra. Several lengths good for anyone's taste.
Now this one is a scrub top but in the right fabric this could be cute. I love the mock wrap front, and pockets! Score! If you are a mom to be who needs a bunch of scrub tops for work this is your answer!
I love this pattern since it has so many options. The strapless dress in the example is fairly plain but it's something to work with. Add some cute trim, or details or in a really pretty fabric and this could make a mom-to-be her whole wardrobe!
I am a sucker for hippie styled blouses. I think this top could work even in the summer if done with a nice breathable cotton or woven fabric. I particularly love the one on the african amaerican woman. The neckline is so pretty! This isn't technically as far as I can see a maternity top but it could easily get you though that awkward in between phase where regular clothing doesn't fit, but the maternity clothes are too big.
Even though I hate adding them I love a simple ruffle. I love the neckline on this one, and the ruffled sleeve option is sort of charming. Though for summer I'd probably make the sleeveless dress with the ruffle on the bottom.
Now you must ignore the little evil bow on view 1 and instead focus on how cute the middle option is. Cute yoke top, with pockets and looks like it would breathe well in the summer. I'm not super fond of the sleeves but change them out with the sleeves from a different pattern and I'd call this one a hit. 

Last I want to give you some current patterns! First Megan Nielson has some super cute modern maternity clothing. And I've herd great things about her patterns!
 This top  has 2 options and is super cute. I believe option 2 is a dress. love that they have their own fabric too!
I think the thing I love about this blouse is the sleeves. They are so pretty! And I love how I can picture it before during and after pregnancy.

I'm going to have to stop for now! I have many more to show you but my hubby is in bed and I should be too! It's getting late and I'm growing a person inside me after all. :)

Once again I hope the owners of these etsy shops are ok with me posting my musings on their items! I have provided a direct link to the items (with the exception of Megan's who I have linked to her etsy shop itself) so you can purchase them without a problem if your heart desires! Enjoy!

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