Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sicker than a Dog

So I have been sick for over a week now. It started last Monday with a cough. Which progressively got worse. Wednesday I started running a fever. By friday it had started running very high up in the 103 range. I went to the DR. I told them I'd been around both of my parents and they both had pnemonia. The dr ran a flu test. It was negative. Told me my fever had lowered to 100 and that I had a virus like the flu and to get some rest it would have to run it's course.
He wrote a prescription for the cough (which was so bad at this point, my whole body hurt) and a pain med.
I went home. took the cough meds which did not help. Tried to sleep. By 1 am my fever was back up at 103. Hubby and I tried everything. Took some Motrin, uncovered, striped of clothing, used a ice pack and an hour later my temp went UP to 104.2 . So Hubby called our insurance Nurse line and she said go to the emergency room.
At 2:30 they admited me and ran about a billion tests, took x-rays etc. The Dr came in and was very condescending in an "I have a phd and you don't" sort of way. Mentioned my x-ray's looked "beautiful" and I did NOT have pnemonia. told me to alternate motrin and tylenol every 4 hours at a very high dosage to take the fever down.
I went home about 3:30am. Couldn't sleep of course.
Sunday night hubby took youth group to the skillet concert where they were working in order to get in free. About 4:00 pm I get a call from hubby telling me a x-ray tech was looking over my x-rays and noticed I DID indead have pnemonia and I needed antibiotics.
So Sunday Evening my mom who is on meds herself, drove me to the emergecny room to make sure I wasn't toxic. The nurse practitioner was conderend having not seen me yet that I may need to be ADMITED. Luckily upon seeing me and talking to me they didn't need to even stick me. Gave me a new precsription, apologized profusely for the dr's stupidity(and made it sound like he was going to GET IT for missing my diagnosis) and wrote me a blessed prescription for codine cough meds as well as antibiotic.
As a result I have now been on pnemonia meds for 4 days and I am feeling weak and tired but my fever is gone and my cough is still haning on but not like it was. I've been resting on the cough or bed and trying to sleep as much as possible. I have to use the codine to sleep as it seems once I lay down at all I can't stop coughing. I have fits of coughing that I sometimes can't get to stop without taking meds.
And worst of all I sound like some gurgling, slimey, foamy, monster when I breath or cough. So if you hear a strange breathing it's just me not the night sludge monster.

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