Saturday, September 19, 2009

New puppy

So last weekend we brought home our new addition to the family. Her name is Lexi and she's a 27lb 10 month old German Shepherd Dog mix. We loaded Khindi up in the 4runner(aka the dog toting vehicle) and went to the shelter to see how they did. We'd all ready seen Lexi the week before but had to ask multiple people if we could adopt as she'd been snatched up by a rescue. Turns out her time at the shelter was nearing an end! Not sure why as she's a total sweet heart and super kissy and love able. Pretty smart too though I'm saving my smartest puppy ever award for when she learns to speak on command. ;)
Lexi did have a few behavioral issues but after interacting with both her and Khindi at the shelter we felt they could be worked through with lots of discipline, exercise, structure, and love.
She has stopped growling at Khindi when we pet one dog and not the other, this happened within a few days. And she's decided wiggling into the front for attention is better. Besides people have 2 hands that's one for each dog right?
the only other problem I've noticed is she is still a bit growly when Khindi wants to play. I think she fears Khindi will take her toys and not share. We purchased multiples of the same toys Khindi had for this very reason. however she is improving on that too.
Yesterday they suddenly decided they are friends and have been playing tag, tug of war, keep away, and wrestling all afternoon. This morning while they stretched their legs and I got ready for work they played some more.
We are working on teaching her to speak on command. She doesn't' quite seem to get this yet but she's trying so hard! She sits all ready and was coming to her name in less than 2 days.
She is on antibiotics as we discovered Tuesday she has a UTI. Thank goodness we're still housebreaking or I probably wouldn't have noticed. Sometimes it's a good thing a dog still pees on the carpet!
We're going to try letting them sleep in the same kennel again tonight and tomorrow and see how that goes. Once she's housebroken I've promised her the only time she has to see the EVIL kennel is if we run an errand. She's a puppy and like to steal things to chew on. So supervision is still a must!
Anywho here's our new pup:
Those are khindi's feet in the background. lol Lexi is small and probably won't get too much bigger. her feet are small too. But she's super cute! I'll update later with video links and more pictures!

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