Friday, November 22, 2013

Apple Cider in the Coffee Maker

It's been nearly a MONTH since I posted last. So I thought I'd do a quick one with a new "life hack" I've discovered. Perhaps this is not news to anyone else but It was to me so I wanted to share.


We no longer have a microwave. I accidentally nuked the 'wave for 20minutes with nothing in it and it fried. So we decided to go without one and see what happens. I really only used it for two things anyway and both were easily remedied.

Then Fall happened. In the south our winters aren't super cold but they are windy and wet. And this year has been no exception. I saw R.W. Knudson's Cider& Spice, No sugar added, 100% juice and knew it would be fabulous.
But then, wait, no microwave to heat it in! And I don't own a tea kettle(I know that is definitely going on my "to buy" list now)!!!!
So I had to come up with some easy way to warm just a little up at a time.

And since necessity is the mother of invention....

How to Warm Cider in a Coffee Maker

I'm trying to get with the times. Pinable images. ;)
First Pour your desired amount of cider into your carafe.
 Next remove the basket where your coffee filter/grounds goes.
This is what it looks like Empty :) You can see the top of the carafe through the hole in the top of the coffee maker.
 Place the carafe on the coffee makers warming plate.
 Turn on, wait about 5-10 minutes, swirl to mix spices in and serve!

 Easy peasy! Essentially you COULD use a coffee/soup warmer like one of these:
Click here to find this model which I have and love. But I found that these do better for keeping hot things warm not warming cold things up. ;) and I like how much faster my coffee maker works!

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