Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Testing a popular Pinterest tutorial: Sharpies on ceramic

I've been itching to do some crafty things lately but between potty breaks, cleaning (I'm really trying to get my house in order as it is something I struggle with), Bible study and such I haven't had much time.
I saw this popular project and wanted to try it. But I could only do so if the finished item was dishwasher safe. Which some said it was and others said it wasn't.
So I bought this little ramekin to use as a guinea pig bowl for our little girls veggies. I drew her name on one side:
And a likeness of her on the other:
 I put it in the dishwasher on a regular wash cycle and ran it overnight. Then waited till the next morning to take it out to compare. 
Then took it out. This is what her likeness looked like: 
There are a few areas where the silver sharpie wore off on her rump. And it looks like it took the brown with it on her nose.  
Her name however was perfect. Exactly how I had drawn it. So It seems to me perhaps certain colors would hold up better than others. These where standard colored sharpies and the silver metallic one. I will be interested to see how this continues to hold up in the dishwasher. I'll make sure to post after awhile to let you know how it lasts! 

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