Friday, September 13, 2013

Rebuttal for the Stir's "5 places mom's should Breastfeed Discreetly"

I am reposting this so I can rebut it:

First by law in our state a Woman can nurse her baby WITH or WITHOUT a cover legally anywhere she is aloud to be. That covers all but the airplane one.

To properly rebut all of these I am posting them in italics with the original text and my rebuttal underneath. 
  • The Pool -- Might as well start with swimming pools since the mom from Illinois is who got me thinking about breastfeeding in public in the first place. Pools generally have tons of kids in and around them, and as the mom of a 7-year-old, I wouldn't want him splashing around and seeing a mom sitting near the pool with the top of her swimsuit down. I already shudder at the thought of him looking at breasts when he's a teenager, let alone as a second grader.
 At the pool I'd venture to guess that there is more boob or cleveage showing on those teen girls and other moms/women than there is exposed by a nursing tot/baby. And as to children seeing... they NEED to see a nursing baby. It's normal. It's natural. And only through seeing it will they understand that.

This is what boobs are for and our society has made them about sex. In the past it has been the Neck, wrist, or even ANKLE! Then it was legs. That said we've gotten past those hangups, Let's move past this America.

"but what do I say to my child? How do I explain it?"
Simple you tell them the baby is drinking mommy's milk that her body makes perfect for baby.
I'd like not to have to explain to my toddler/child that some babies drink formula. But I handled that simply by telling her some babies drink milk in a cup/bottle. She was fine with that explanation.

  • Restaurants -- I've seen moms feeding their babies in restaurants on several occasions, and I'm fine with it when they're wearing a coverup. But I do remember one occasion where I looked over at the table next to me in the middle of my meal and saw a boob in its entirety (before the baby had latched on -- so I saw this woman's bare nipple). It made me feel very awkward and uneasy. It was just so ... out there. Didn't have much of an appetite after that.
Ok first if mom has a right to be there then so does baby. That said till bottles require a coverup breasts shouldn't either. (after all aren't they really a faux boob making them a sex object too?)  It's a nipple. Why are you looking at other people anyway? And seriously have you never seen a nipple before?
If it bothers you so much perhaps you should suggest to the owner that they instal a nursing room. I know I would have loved one because nursing a distract-able baby while eating is super annoying but it has to be done sometimes. 
  • Airplanes -- Yes, I KNOW babies need to eat on the plane as much as anywhere else, but this one honestly has more to do with safety than anything else. With all of the cases of creepy men groping women or hitting on them mid-flight -- the more covered up moms are, the better. Honestly, I'd probably ask the flight attendant to seat me in a row of women if I was a breastfeeding mom.
 OH an airplane. First nursing isn't sexual. Second, if it turns a man on there is something wrong with him. Third let's give men more credit. Forth, I'd think you'd rather see my nursing kiddo than her screaming and crying the whole time. ;)
  • Kids' sporting events -- Again, there are just too many children running around, and it's probably not a good idea for them to look to the sidelines and see breasts staring back at them. I just keep thinking about my own child and what he'd think (or say out loud) if he were to see too much skin.
 That depends on what you've taught your child. My daughter is 2. She simply goes. Oh the baby drinks mommy milk! and looks away. And is busy doing other things. It's really not a big deal unless you have some hangup you've taught your child.
  • Church -- It's wonderful when moms want to bring the kids to church and nurture their faith early on. But a coverup is a necessity with a baby in tow. Do I really have to elaborate here?
I am a God fearing, Christian woman, who goes to church every sunday. I have been a christian since I was in Kindergarten and asked Christ into my heart. I do not beleive a coverup is necessary in church. I also don't beleive a talkative or screaming child should have to leave the service (but that is a post for another day.)
Being discreet doesn't mean you have to use a giant, animal print, neon, cover to "hide" what you are doing. It means latching baby on quickly and paying attention to thier cues so they don't need to cry to let you know they are hungry. It means making sure your baby is happy and content and not drawing attention to yourself.
Many nursing mom's don't use a cover but instead use the "one shirt up one down" method and find it to work quite well and cover everything.
I myself used this method in church as have many other women.

Any other problems we need to discuss? Leave them in the comments. ;) I'm sure I have a reply for them too.