Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Skirt to shirt Tutorial

So in my hunt for cute things to wear while pregnant I've also decided to make some things. This is one of my projects. I've made one other top as well but I'll post it separately.
I started with this super full tie died panel skirt. it has a knit waistband, and stretch cotton base fabric.
For some reason it had a dual layered waistband. I put the skirt on my mannikin's with the waist around the neckline so you can see how small the top waist band was. I cut this layer off:
See how weird and bulky that is. Trust me much better shorter. You could also open a small hole on the inside and add elastic if your waistband is less easy to alter. Or trim down, turn under and add elastic or ribbon. 

Next I folded the skirt in half, and then in half again. I measured about 1/3 of this and parked with a pin. Only pin through 2 layers. Then pin through the bottom 2 layers as well. 

See 2 pins.

In seperate layers. 

I then cut up this an amount that looked good to me. Pin up both sides. the "point" of the V shaped cut will be your armpit. 

Measured and cut the other section from that pin up to the same measurement. 

Pin up both sides of this cut. 
Next sew up both of these and since this was a very wide full skirt I didn't worry about it being perfect. 

Ta-da! Finished product. There are sleeves on both sides but I only had room to pull out one sleeve to show you. I plan to wear this on our cooler days this summer since it's a thin breathable cotton. Would be cute with a belt on the empire waist. 

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