Monday, October 27, 2014

Snap Laundry Tabs

Sometimes necessity is literally the mother of invention.
In this case I've been madly sewing newborn diapers and as such I have been using lots of hook and loop tape. (Also known as Velcro) but the downside is that the loop piece is always shorter than I need and I run out two or three diapers in just before I get to the laundry tabs.

I also have an abundance of snaps since even with a snap down rise my newborn diapers just don't use nearly as many snaps as a batch of OS diapers.

So behold the snap laundry tab.

Basically sew your Velcro wing tabs as usual. Then fold over as if you were closing them to Velcro laundry tabs.

Using your awl force it through both parts of the wing. Do this just above and below the center of the Velcro piece.

Next attach your snaps. I recommend putting the larger male snap half on the area next to the Velcro, and the female shorter piece on the section further in the diaper. This way the smoother part is against your baby's skin.

Wha la snap laundry tabs!

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