Thursday, July 25, 2013

Potty Training update1

Note this post was written several months ago and got lost in my drafts. So I'm publishing to make it easier to find later.

So where are we at. Well we've finally graduated to undies with pants/skirt full time. Sweetness is doing fairly well though we are finally seeing resistance. She simply doesn't want to do it. Were powering through though as we know she CAN as she HAS. She can stay dry all day. She just is choosing not to mention the need at all.

We are having between 1-4 accidents a day with at least a few dry days in the week.

I've made training undies and bought some babyland trainers through a co-op. We like my homemade ones best though.
I used the tutorial from here:
One-wet Trainers (for EC) Tutorial » a hippie with a minivan


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